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Fiber Sorting

Working WITH you so your fiber works FOR you!

Benefits of using a trained sorter:

1. Yearly harvest of fiber sorted into grades by color and length. Increases potential profit! Sorted fiber yields more usable fiber per animal, superior products that command higher prices and repeat customers, and 10-15% less loss at the mill.

2. Individual Sort Record on each animal with data that includes the weight of each fleece by body area, grade of each area, comments on luster/brightness, density and uniformity of crimp or lock style, test for tenderness and sorter comments on the fiber's strengths and weaknesses as well as recommended best use.

3. Sort Summary provides information on the amount of fiber in each grade, color and length category.

4. Suggested uses for each grade of fiber. 

5. Assistance with fine-tuning herd management. Because the sorting process is very thorough, external parasites, skin conditions, times of stress or illness can be identified.

6. No need to skirt fiber at a later date.  When Carol participates in a Live Sort on shearing day, once the day is over, you are done! The clip is ready for processing! 


Live Sort (all fiber types) $15.00 per animal

Bag Sort (Huacaya) $15.00 per animal

Bag Sort (Suri) $20.00 per animal

Bag Sort (all other) $15.00 per animal

Suri that has been rolled intact in plastic or craft paper $15.00 per animal

Sorting includes Blanket and Neck fiber.

Leg, belly and chest fiber will be put together into a Mixed Grade, but may be separated by color, if desired.

Yes, there really is a use and value to every grade of fleece!

Carol has been trained in the Grading, Sorting and Classing curriculum accredited through the State University of New York at Cobleskill.  She is active in the apprenticeship program to become a Master Classer of a variety of natural fibers (huacaya alpaca, suri alpaca, sheep's wool, llama, angora rabbit, mohair goat and others). She can grade and sort your fiber and guide you on which fleeces would be best prepared for an artisan mill, submitted to cooperatives or the Alpaca Coalition of America sort, sold to hand spinners or used for agricultural purposes.  Unless infested or dramatically contaminated with crunchy stuff, ALL fiber has a use and a value.

Carol will take the time to listen to your goals for all that fiber stored in your barn, basement or spare bedroom.  And if you have no current plans, she can suggest some!  And best of all, it gets the fiber out of your way and into useful production.

Carol's goal is accuracy and efficiency in grading and sorting. The goal of the Grading, Sorting and Classing methodology is to create a quality controlled, repeatable supply of natural fibers for commercial and cottage use.

Contact Carol at 931-492-1952 or [email protected] to discuss how fiber sorting may best benefit you!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016